Saudi Arabian Baytur Construction Company ( is established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.) on 2008 by three companies: Baytur Construction and Contracting Company (Turkey), Tanami Construction Company of Tanami Holding (K.S.A.) and Azmeel International Trading & Contracting Co. of Azmeel Group (K.S.A.).
Since 2016, Saudi Arabian Baytur Construction Company became a 100% Saudi Owned Company after transferring of the Turkish Partner’s shares to SAUDI Partners; while the Company principles of operation
remain unchanged under the Independent Management of diversified Professional Managers with broad International Expertise.

Saudi Arabian Baytur's mission is specialized high-quality execution of contracts for construction, installation and maintenance works, civil construction works such as high-rises, residential, commercial,
educational, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, institutional and cultural buildings, airports, roads, bridges, railway facilities, dams, and other Infrastructure projects.
Saudi Arabian Baytur is ranked with the “Grade-A Contractor Classification Certificate” by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founder Profiles


Baytur Construction


Baytur founded in 1976, is the construction company of the Çukurova Group. The Çukurova Group ( is a leading business conglomerate with its roots dating back to year 1923, the founding year of the Turkish Republic.

The core interest areas of the Çukurova Group are industry, trade, media, financial services, maritime, energy, telecommunications, information technology and construction.

Taking advantage of the group support and in compliance with the group philosophy and ideals, Baytur established its own reputation as a prominent General Contractor in domestic and international construction markets. During the past 39 years, Baytur successfully increased its volume of business steadily both in Turkey and abroad. Baytur undertook and completed many prestigious projects in Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, former USSR, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, and Qatar. Baytur’s project portfolio and expertise is classified under five headings: Buildings, Industrial Plants-Petroleum, Water Resources, Transportation, and Infrastructure Projects.

Baytur’s technical expertise and quality oriented performance is acknowledged by international certification. Baytur is the first ever Turkish construction company to obtain ISO 9001 – Quality
Management System Certificate and is among the pioneers to obtain OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems Certificate.

Baytur built and delivered on time, in accordance with the contract project completion date, the prestigious US$ 225 million “Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Apartments” on the world famous Palm Island in Dubai, U.A.E. The hand-over of these apartments ready for occupation was recorded as a major achievement as it was the first project on the Island to pass the final inspection. The Gold and Silver towers under two separate contracts with a total value of US$ 326 million were also constructed in Dubai.

In Qatar, Baytur was the General Contractor of the US$ 171 million “Museum of Islamic Arts” – erected in Doha which attracts world-wide interest with its architecture and exceptional finish. The American Concrete Industry Board (CIB) 2007 ROGER H. CORBETTA AWARDS PROGRAM awarded Baytur the “AWARD OF MERIT OUT OF COUNTRY” in recognition of its Museum of Islamic Art quality in the architectural design, the engineering design, the specific workmanship, the general construction of the buildings and its concrete work. Baytur also built on design and build basis, the US$ 750 million worth of “Qatar National Convention Center” which is another iconic building, and also is the biggest construction contract ever awarded to a single Turkish company as General Contractor.


Tanami Holding


TANAMI was founded as a holding company investing in various sectors including construction, engineering services, real estate, retail, media, healthcare, entertainment, tourism and investment banking. The company started with some affiliates that are in existence over the last few years. In 2007, the owners SUMOU Holding, ALHINDI Holding and TANAMI decided to form TANAMI as a holding company being an umbrella for all of the owners’ investments. TANAMI HOLDING COMPANY is continuously exploring and evaluating business opportunities and endeavoring to expand its business vertically and horizontally. The head-quarter of the company is in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in Al-Khobar

Azmeel Holding

AZMEEL is the name of a diversified group of companies owned by the renowned AL-JABR family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its roots date back to the early 1960s. Following the family companies’ gradual progress and branching into various sectors, AZMEEL GROUP was finally established in 1988. Since its founding, AZMEEL experienced sustained and steady growth and has a strapping presence in the Royal Commission Projects, Bechtel, all SABIC affiliates as well as petrochemical private sectors.

The main principles and strategy of AZMEEL are to offer a full range of construction, contracting and engineering services. Its project teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. AZMEEL believes in producing the very best of modern technology by adopting and utilizing latest construction technologies.