SAB management accepts its environmental impacts that may emerge during all its corporate activities, products and services to be in compliant with the limits of nature, as well as environmental protection and not giving any harm to the environment as its basic principle. SAB commits to control its all activities so as to ensure the continual improvement of this system, by examining its activities systematically under written procedures in view of possible damages to the environment that may be caused by it and regulate them to take all necessary precautions beforehand in order to prevent from pollution.

SAB management commits itself to take and follow all necessary measures in order to ensure that its corporate activities particularly in relation to its environmental aspects always comply with the applicable legal requirements in the country or in the location worked as well as with the contracts and specifications signed with employers.

SAB takes all necessary precautions and causes them to be taken for all its activities in order to reduce the limited natural resource utilizations, manage its hazardous and nonhazardous wastes that may result in environmental pollution, recycle its recyclable wastes, protect natural properties, not to have adverse effect on habitat, not to contaminate the environment and prevent pollution and improve the environmental performance in a favorable direction.

SAB has already established its Environmental Management System based on BAYTUR Corporate Management System and converted it into written form, which shall satisfy all the requirements stated in the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001:2015 in order to ensure determination, support and maintenance of those directions and targets which shall provide implementation and continuation of Environmental Management System as well as the announcement thereof to all employees for all its activities.

To maintain the sustainability, protection and continuity of the established system and measures taken, as well as of objectively proving that the system is adequately and effectively implemented according to ISO 14001:2015, environmental performance shall be measured by internal audits and it shall be reviewed and evaluated by the top management.

Objectives and targets for achievement of continuous improvement have been determined, management programs established in line therewith, authorities and responsibilities of the persons described and the continuation thereof ensured by training, information and audits. Our subcontractors and suppliers will also be encouraged to work in accordance with Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001. Furthermore, our Environmental Policy will be kept open to public by publishing it in our Internet website.

SAB management hereby undertakes that it shall comply with the Environmental Management System which has been described, put into force and presently being implemented and that it shall allocate all the resources necessary for running of the system most efficiently in a manner to ensure enabling the works to be performed at a predetermined level and in a preset time.