SAB management hereby undertakes to take and follow up all necessary precautions to ensure that all company activities comply with any legal obligations in the country and region worked as well as with the requirements of any domestic and foreign organizations to which it is a member, with international agreements and with any contracts signed with employers and with specifications.
For the purpose of ensuring the permanency, maintenance and continuity of the established management systems and the precautions taken as well as of proving in an objective manner that the systems are implemented adequately and effectively according to ISO 9001:2000, SAB shall measure the performance of employees and processes by means of internal audits and any other methods and have them reviewed and assessed by the Top Management.
Realization of continuous improvement is the basic purpose of the established management systems. Targets are determined in line with this purpose, programs for all management systems are created in line with such purpose and targets, authorization and responsibilities of persons are described and the continuity thereof is ensured by training, instructing and auditing works.

SAB knows that the secret of success depends on understanding and satisfying the present and future requirements and expectations of the existing and potential customers as well as of end users. Hence the principle of customer-focus is adopted in all activities.
SAB establishes relationships with suppliers and partners to develop and facilitate communications for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of value-creating processes. It also creates effective and efficient processes to evaluate the developments of exist or to be selected suppliers, subcontractors or partners and their capabilities in supplying the required products as well as to ensure customer satisfaction.

SAB establishes and determines the measuring conditions for all of its manufactures. Measurements and monitorings on products are planned and realized for the purpose of verifying the fulfillment of the requirements of relevant parties. Any information obtained therefrom is used to improve the manufacturing processes.
SAB management also undertakes that it shall comply with the Quality Management System as well as the environment, occupational health and safety management system established by it and that it shall allocate all necessary resources for most efficient operation of the system in a manner to enable the works to be performed at predetermined level and time schedule.