The upper management of SAB has adopted to take necessary measures provide necessary conditions and make available necessary tools and equipment in order to ensure occupational health and safety of its employees and acts with the “OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY FIRST” principle. However, application of this principle requires strict obedience of all employees with the occupational health and safety rules. Because of any job is so important and urgent to endanger personal safety and health of our employees.


SAB undertakes to comply with the current Occupational Health and Safety legislation (law, by-law and regulations) of the country or region involved and well as, the conditions of local and international establishments to which it is a member international agreements, contracts and specification executed with the employer and commits to evaluate of compliance.

The main purpose of SAB is to minimize the probability of occurrence of an accident and to avoid occupational disease during its activities. It also aims at eliminating every possible threat with minimum damage and best techniques without causing any harm to employees, plant and nature.

Duties, responsibilities and authorities relating to occupational health and safety of everyone employed in our departments including the sub-contractors are determined and communicated to relevant persons. All facilities shall be made available to ensure use of personal protective equipment concerning Occupational Health and Safety of all employees and sub-contractors. Necessary training, practice and announcements shall be provided to increase employee’s awareness. Emergency risks and actual implementations shall be planned to minimize possible damages.

SAB has already established its Occupational Health and Safety Management System and converted it into written form, which shall satisfy all the requirements stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard ISO 45001:2018 in order to ensure determination, support and maintenance of those directions and targets which shall provide implementation and continuation of Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well as the announcement thereof to all employees for all its activities.

For the purpose of securing permanence, protection and sustainability of the system established and the measures taken as well as of objectively proving that the system is adequately and effectively implemented according to ISO 45001:2018, occupational health and safety performance shall be measured by internal supervisions and it shall be reviewed and evaluated by the top management. Objectives and targets for achievement of continuous improvement have been determined, Occupational Health and Safety management programs established in line therewith, powers and responsibilities of the persons described and the continuation thereof ensured by training, information and auditing works. Our subcontractors and suppliers shall be also requested to work in compliance with the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard.

Furthermore, the relevant parties shall be able to access our Occupational Health and Safety Management System via internet. Our policy shall be accessible by the public in our website.

SAB management hereby undertakes that it shall comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Management System which has been described, put into force and presently being implemented and that it shall allocate all the resources necessary for running of the system most efficiently in a manner to ensure enabling the works to be performed at a predetermined level and in a preset time.